Trump insults Gianni Infantino: ‘Worst president ever’

Trump insults Gianni Infantino: ‘Worst president ever’

Just moments after he was elected president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino was insulted by Donald Trump. The republican frontrunner said Mr. Infantino would make ‘the worst president ever’.

Mr. Trump did not hold back when asked by FOX News to react on Mr. Infantino’s election as president of FIFA.

Mr. Trump: “Infantino is the weakest of them all. A spineless hypocrite. He would make the worst president ever. He doesn’t have a chance at all.”

FOX News: ” No chance? He’s already been elected.”

Mr. Trump: “We have to make America great again. Total zero Infantino will not, I tell you. He doesn’t stand a chance with me. In fact, I don’t believe he is American at all. I want to see his birth certificate.”

FOX News: “You know the president of FIFA does not have to be American, right?”

Mr. Trump: “Of course some parties don’t care about Americans. They are liars. But to me it is clear the next president will have to make America great again. Only an American can do so. A God loving American, an American who knows what it’s like to be successful in business, an American who speaks from the heart. Not some woman who doesn’t even know how to satisfy her husband, or some spic with a childish name.”

FOX News: “Mr. Trump, FIFA is the world’s football organization, not a political party.”

Mr. Trump: “I told you he doesn’t stand a chance.”